Put Your Best Self Forward

Because Every Move counts

Can a simple change in your posture make you more confident? Can just smiling change your mood? Can understanding body language truly help empower you? The answer is YES!

A vast majority of our human communication comes from nonverbals like facial expressions, gestures and posture. It is universal and we all perform it every day and throughout every interaction. Learn how to decipher what the body is saying and utilize nonverbal tells for approachability and great customer service, manage conflict and demonstrate authority. Discover not only how to project confidence to others, but really change how you feel, all through body language.

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Be the best speaker in the room, without even saying a word.

Your Moves Matter

As a Leader

Learn tells that display confidence and competence while also being approachable.

In Your Negotiations

Discover ways to read your counterpart, get the edge and project tells that help you get the outcome you want.

As a Presenter

Find ways to capture your audience, hold their attention and add meaning to your message. Learn how to present with less stress and anxiety.

For Conflict Management

Learn ways to quickly calm a tense situation or conversation without saying a word. Discover signs that indicate a impending conflict before it turns hostile so that you can act quickly and even save yours and others' lives.

For Great Customer Service

Discover ways to use body language to optimize your interactions with customers. Read your clients and customers quickly and project welcoming and competent tells to show expertise.

During an Interview

Stand out as the best candidate for the job by projecting assertiveness and calm. Know what impresses the recruiter and avoid pitfalls that can quickly turn an impression negative.

And Much More!


For Your Organization

From working with customers and clients to collaborating with co-workers, discover how to use body language to develop rapport and approachability to minimizing conflict to utilizing negotiation tactics.

For Your Team

Learn how body language can benefit your team, from maximizing collaboration to skyrocketing creativity and confidence.

For You

From job interviews to executive meetings to powerful presentations, body language is an essential tool to communicate confidence and abilities. But it is not always easy, especially during evaluative situations. Learn the best methods to project assertiveness while remaining approachable.


I engaged Holly Klingler to speak for The Ohio Society of CPAs for several of our events in 2015 and 2016. She spoke on the topic of body language and the importance of its role and impact in communication. Holly received fantastic feedback both in the class with engaged participants AND on the participant surveys with a great score and great comments! She is also a true professional to work with. We discussed the session to ensure she delivered and she was responsive all along the way. It was a true partnership! Holly truly enjoys her work and sharing her knowledge with others. She is passionate and it shines through in her delivery of the material and her engagement of the class. She has fun and clearly the class has fun too, which in my opinion is the best kind of learning!"

Kara Stafford, M.Ed Event Coordinator, Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants

I was lucky to attend Holly's lecture on "The Non-Verbal signals of Interviewing" where I learned a TON of needed information on interviewing skills. Even little things - interviewers perceive people who wear glasses to be smarter, and people with slight tans are perceived as having more managerial skills, what do to with your hands and the importance of gesturing... 60-100% of communication is non-verbal was a revelation! I highly recommend Holly as an engaging and insightful speaker."

Susie Sharp Operations | Procurement | Vendor Management | LinkedIn Training


Holly Klingler has a certification in nonverbal analysis and has been speaking to organizations and individuals for almost ten years on the benefits of understanding where our body language comes from, how it can help us understand others and ourselves and how we can utilize it to be more confident, assertive and approachable.

Holly has consulted with the Akron Women's Bar Association, the Ohio Means Jobs Center and has been a recurring speaker at the Ohio Society for Certified Public Accountants' annual statewide conferences for two consecutive years. She has also been a three-year recurring speaker at the Hudson Job Corp organization, teaching the importance of body language in job interviews. Finally, Holly has been a keynote speaker at multiple Staff Development Days for organizations wanting to improve their customer service presence.



  • Cleveland, OH, United States