Your Moves Matter

As a Leader

Learn tells that display confidence and competence while also being approachable.

In Your Negotiations

Discover ways to read your counterpart, get the edge and project tells that help you get the outcome you want.

As a Presenter

Find ways to capture your audience, hold their attention and add meaning to your message. Learn how to present with less stress and anxiety.

For Conflict Management

Learn ways to quickly calm a tense situation or conversation without saying a word. Discover signs that indicate a impending conflict before it turns hostile so that you can act quickly and even save yours and others' lives.

For Great Customer Service

Discover ways to use body language to optimize your interactions with customers. Read your clients and customers quickly and project welcoming and competent tells to show expertise.

During an Interview

Stand out as the best candidate for the job by projecting assertiveness and calm. Know what impresses the recruiter and avoid pitfalls that can quickly turn an impression negative.

And Much More!